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  • How to Help Poor People - Essay

    29 October Amit Sharma  

    Leaving a life that is meaningful is something that everyone needs. However, it is not something going into a spiritual quest. All the spiritual quests are going away from life. Unfortunately, you cannot find the meaning of life by going away from life.

    In fact, it can be found only in

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  • How to Help a Depressed Friend or Spouse

    30 September Amit Sharma  

    Staying in depression for anyone can lead to a bad and helpless experience. In such cases, the depressed person goes through many negative experiences like they feel frustrated, confused and sometimes overwhelmed. 


    How to deal with

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  • How To Help Others - Essay

    27 September Amit Sharma  

    When it comes to living a happy and satisfying life, you cannot live it without others. You might have everything in life but if you cannot make others happy, then you can never find happiness.

    You might go to any monastery or any holy place to find peace but you would always find the

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  • Speech On Help The Poor People

    31 August Amit Sharma  

    Offering help to poor and needy is all about offering voluntary help. If you are blessed with resources, then it becomes your duty to offer to help hand to poor people. There are many different ways in which help can be offered, to the right person who is in need.

  • Helping The Poor People

    5 June Amit Sharma  

    As you think about the poor, the helpless, what is your compassion that can best help you with? It takes only a few minutes to know the requirements in slums, the AIDs orphans, the refugee camps. It is true that an individual alone cannot solve the needs of the world. But we can do something

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