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And Why Do I Need A Bamboo Pillow?

And Why Do I Need A Bamboo Pillow?

Finding a great pillow is important for your sleep hygiene, but for many of us, it can take years of searching to come up with that perfect pillow. With so many pillow types on the market, it's hard to know where to start. A recent addition to the Bamboo Pillows community, bamboo pillow are becoming more and more popular for their soft, eco-friendly, and mold-able material as compared to other traditional pillow types.

bamboo pillow is a type of shredded foam pillow where the outside cover is made from bamboo. The inside pillow filling can be made with your favorite bedding material. Because bamboo is considered a sustainable material, you'll often find bamboo pillows filled with environmentally friendly, but still comfortable materials.

A popular choice is the shredded memory foam pillow bamboo, which is made from leftover mattress memory foam that would otherwise head to a landfill. Because bamboo pillows can be filled with whatever you want, you'll find that most of them are adjustable.  Snuggle-Pedic makes bamboo pillows that are self-adapting to the shape and contour of you head and neck by using a specialized proprietary Cloud-Coated process that individually coats each small shredded memory foam piece with a luxuriously soft down alternative fiber. 

However, if you want to make further loft adjustments to the thickness of your pillow, then you would want a Snuggle-Pedic Deluxe adjustable pillow, where you can unzip the side of the pillow and add or subtract the amount of fill you desire, which will give you unprecedented personal customizations of the pillow to suit your exact loft needed. With the exceptional ability to contour to your body and combined with the soft, cool surface of the best bamboo pillow, these bamboo pillows can make for an exceptional sleep experience.

What is Bamboo Pillows? Is it really sustainable?

Most of us have probably heard of bamboo, but don't have a lot of personal experience with it. That's because bamboo requires warm, moist climates for growth. It is commonly found in tropical locations worldwide, include vast continental covering throughout Asia, Africa, and South America. In the US, most pillows bamboo species can be grown in the deep South, with a few hardier species found in more temperate climates ranging up into West Virginia and even New Jersey.

While bamboo looks like a small tree, it's actually a really big grass. This is important — trees are not an eco-friendly sustainable material because they take decades or more to grow into sizable commodities. But a major characteristic of grass species is that they grow quickly, as anyone with a grassy yard can attest. And because Buy Bamboo Pillow is such a big grass, growing as tall as trees, some species of bamboo can grow up to three feet a day! That's a lot of sustainable material and a great, eco-friendly source for things we use a lot — like pillows!

Sleeping on grass Bamboo Pillows doesn't sound very comfortable, especially one with stalks the size of trees!

Bamboo stalks are very hard. That's because they're packed full of a protein called cellulose, which gives the stalk its strength to grow so high. To make Shredded Memory Foam Pillow a more comfortable surface for your head, the stalks are treated to dissolve the cellulose, which turns the bamboo into a fine pulp.

This pulp is then woven into a fine thread called rayon. Rayon fibers can be made from wood and other agricultural sources with high densities of cellulose, but bamboo is the most eco-friendly of the starting materials. And while Sleeping pillow stalks are hard, rayon fibers from dissolved bamboo cellulose is one of the smoothest and softest textures available — so much so that it's known as artificial silk!

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Bamboo Pillows?

In addition to the silky soft texture of Bed Pillow, the physical properties of the bamboo rayon fibers create a naturally cooling surface. This can help your body maintain an optimal homeostatic temperature during sleep. The surface of bamboo pillows is also absorbent while still being breathable throughout, meaning that the pillow will absorb sweat if you're sleeping hot.

 The bamboo rayon fibers are also naturally hypoallergenic, making Firm Pillow a great choice for anyone suffering from asthma, sinus infections, or morning sneeze fits. In addition, the pillow cover is anti-microbial, creating a barrier to protect the pillow stuffing and ward off fungal and bacterial spores from colonizing. For these reasons, Pillow for side sleepers are particularly a great choice if you live in a hot, humid climate. Bamboo pillows can also be easily washed, although hand washing is recommended as the pillow fibers can be too delicate for washing machines.

Looking for that perfect pillow can be tough, Memory Foam Pillow are worth a second glance. A silky, cool surface made from sustainable materials makes the bamboo pillow a great option for everyone. With an adjustable memory foam bamboo pillow, you may have just found the closest thing to a cloud.

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