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Article on Helping the Poor and Needy People

Article on Helping the Poor and Needy People

As you think about the poor, the helpless, what is your compassion that can best help you with? It takes only a few minutes to know the requirements in slums, the AIDs orphans, the refugee camps. It is true that an individual alone cannot solve the needs of the world. But we can do something together.

Well, there are few teenagers that think they don’t have money or the right resources for helping the poor. How can they help a needy? You must know there are many ways of doing that. Most young adults have the intelligence and creativity to find the best ways for helping others, despite having limited resources.

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Here are some of the expert tips that can start off the creative process. This is how you can best do it.

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Give a portion of allowance every week to the poor & needy person or cause support to them. If in case you have less allowance, then you can save some amount of money that you spend on eating at work or school. You can give the saved money to any Sadaqa or Zakat committee of the mosque or any poor person in your neighborhood.

Convince your parents for paying Zakat

Zakat is something that many of the people neglect. If you are eligible for paying Zakat, you should pay. If you are not eligible, you can ask your parents for paying it to the right person. If they don’t give Zakat, politely and respectfully emphasize to them. Use wisdom & the right preaching.

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Encourage family for a charity project

Get a whole family for pitching at least a month for a worthy cause by organizing a family charity project. Call upon a family meeting and discuss the ideas. Then come to an agreement as to how everyone can assist the poor. Whether it is about contributing some amount in a week as a group with father for giving money to poor people, you can set up a box in the house where the family members donate privately.

Buy a Coffee for Needy People and Support Get Do Help

Things to remember to help poor

  • It is highly important that you should not be selfish.
  • You must help poor people around them.
  • We should think that one can be in the same situation as they are today.
  • We can assist them through organizations like the FN, you can donate money as they can help in feeding poor people.
  • You can also donate clothes, it is important for helping each other as every country’s economy is affected by other countries.

 Yes, you must help poor people. We can assist in different ways. With the money, NGOs can help in educating the people in various ways. They also share technology, food, clothes, and money for the people and assist them with the right knowledge.

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Ways to resolve poverty

There are various ways of resolving poverty but the government should play an important role in resolving this. They should make amendments to the people who are below the poverty line. They should plan out things in a way which can at least assist them in fulfilling their basic needs i.e. food, clothing and shelter.

Every helping hand can help the poor. So one should come together and take an initiative to make a small contribution so that they can at least survive in this world to improve their conditions.

Buy a Coffee for Needy People and Support Get Do Help

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