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Benefits of using a bamboo pillow protectors | pillow covers

Benefits of using a bamboo pillow protectors | pillow covers

On the market, you can find pillow covers made of several different materials, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. But what is it that makes bamboo Pillow Covers unique? You’ll learn more about the same in this post.

What is a bamboo pillow cover?

A bamboo pillow cover is made from bamboo rayon fabric. The bamboo rayon fabric is derived from the pulp of the bamboo tree. The fabric is famous for its softness and moisture wicking ability without being as exorbitant as silk. Bamboo covers often come with premium memory foam pillows.

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Benefits of a bamboo Pillow Protector

Materials used for creating pillow covers have unique qualities which make them a best fit for certain people. Let’s look at some advantages of a bamboo Pillow Protector:

Very smooth

The pillow protector is very smooth. Because of the nature of the fabric, the friction on the pillow surface is minimum.Because of less friction on the pillow surface, your face and hair experience minimum wear and tear even when you shift while sleeping.

Therefore, a bamboo pillow protector is great for anyone looking for a daily sleep beauty.

Minimizes acne

Is acne an issue for you? If yes, then your pillow cover may be causing it.

Traditional pillow covers can often fail to absorb moisture and make your pillow a breeding ground for bacteria such as P.acne, which is known to cause acne.

Bamboo pillows absorb all the moisture. Because of less moisture on the pillow surface, the growth of bacteria is largely impaired. And as a bamboo pillow cover is washable, you can ensure proper hygiene for minimum acne.


Most pillow fills are very adept at absorbing body heat unless they are infused with cooling gel. The heat from the body gets trapped into the pillow, heating the pillow in the process. This heat is then passed back to our body while we’re sleeping. And the heat can not only cause night sweats but also interrupt your sleep.

As they’re made with bamboo rayon fabric, bamboo covers have small pores in them. These pores enable the hot air to escape easily, promoting better airflow inside the pillow. This keeps the pillow not only cool but also odorless.

Friendly to the environment

Do you care about the environment? If yes, then this pillow fits perfectly with your mission. As the cover is made of fabric derived from the bamboo tree, it is extremely environment friendly.

Bamboo requires very little water to grow, and it grows very quickly. It also rarely requires pesticide treatment. And because the fabric is made of natural material, it degrades automatically.

Best pillow fill for your bamboo pillow protectors

Bamboo Pillow Protectors and memory foam go hand in hand. They complement each other perfectly to offer a great sleeping experience to anyone who goes with this combination.

While you can get pillows with fills of materials such as down, cotton, feather, etc, we recommend that you go with a memory foam fill.

Here’s why:

Memory foam molds

Memory foam creates the perfect mold of your body and cradles your neck while you’re asleep. Even when you move around in your sleep, your neck is properly supported.

Thus, it minimizes the risk of neck pain and stiffness in the morning.

Memory foam promotes alignment

To preserve the health of your spine, you should maintain good spine alignment when sleeping. If your spine is misaligned, the joints and the disc in between experience a lot of stress. This stress can even lead to disk herniation.

Memory Foam is dense and supports your neck quite well. Since your head doesn’t sink into the pillow, the foam promotes better alignment of your spine.


Both memory foam and Bamboo Pillow protectors are hypoallergenic, meaning that they rarely cause allergy. Memory foam further enhances your sleep experience, as it’s naturally resistant to molds, dust, and dust mites. So you don’t have to worry about respiratory or skin allergies.


While you may have to change your bamboo pillow protector after 1-2 years, a pillow with memory foam can last you for more than 5 years. Because memory foam doesn’t flatten out with use, you can use a pillow made with it for a very long time.


Bamboo pillow protectors offer several advantages that make them the perfect to be your pillow cover. Not only are they soft but also they absorb moisture and keep your pillow surface hygienic. If you’re looking for the perfect pillow cover, then you’ve found it!


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