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Health Wellness and Fitness Definition for Losing and Managing Weight Naturally

Health Wellness and Fitness Definition for Losing and Managing Weight Naturally

Some people strictly go on a diet, track calories and do unnecessary things to be in shape but still do not lose an inch. People are often misled with ads that losing weight is an easier task with just take one pill, follow the so-called diet plan and get different tools and you will see the difference.

Stay happy and active

If you are unable to lose weight and cannot understand why then you must consult a doctor as they can help you with this. When anyone lives with stress, anxiety or grief, the body produces chemically proven substances like hormone cortisol that makes a human body capable of storing fat around the stomach and especially waist.

 Due to the low activeness of one’s thyroid, the body may not also produce ample thyroid hormone to assist in burning stored fat which slows down the metabolism and storage of fat increases in comparison to the burning of fats which happens mostly in the case of poor physical activeness. 

The perfect health wellness and fitness definition will never ask you to lose pounds of weight to stay fit and healthy. You should understand the difference between overweight and a normal one.

Obesity or excessive weight causes health issues

It is because there are some common problems which can arise due to excessive weight or obesity which includes,

  • Heart disease
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes in both men and women
  • Abnormal increment of blood fats
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Cancer and many other

People are habitual of eating extra and they develop a snacking routine that can add some pounds over the period. It is difficult to kick off such habits but you should stick to the health wellness and fitness definition as this can keep you in a good and lively state. It can make you healthier and strong for the long run too.

Natural ways to lose weight

However, there are some natural ways which can help you lose weight

Increase oxygen level and correct breathing - Stress management is considered one of the crucial parts that can help in battling obesity. The slow breathing of abdominals can also help in increasing up the oxygen level that assists in the burning of fat.

The overweight people should breathe slowly in the night while sleeping which can help in increasing the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

Exercising with oxygen therapy- Everyone knows how important exercise is for weight loss but only some of you know that adding a great amount of oxygen can lead to effective results. High carbon dioxide and high oxygen levels can result in a higher metabolism.

Set a calorie target- The very first fundamental of losing weight should be to keep a track record of every drink or food that you intake over two days period, to find out an average of daily intakes.

Set up your calorie target and deduct 400-500 of this total to step at the new calorie target. The self-discipline and limiting yourself form unhealthier habits can be your very first approach to weight loss but make sure you at least intake 1200 calories in a day.

Drink plenty of water- Water is the best option that can help one in reducing weight as it helps in burning the fat stored around your bellies or waist.

Follow the above-mentioned natural ways to lose and manage weight, to stay fit and healthy.

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