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How to Help Hunger People in World

How to Help Hunger People in World

This is very sad when people are dying due to lack of food. This is globally very serious issue. We all are talking about basic need for a human being but actually condition is very worst. People can live without everything but they cannot survive without food and water. Lot of countries are there in the world who do not have food for eat, do not have water for drink. Everyday lots of children are dying as they are not getting food. This is very serious problem globally and we need to think because day by day world populations are increasing and we have limited natural resources. We are living in a good society, we cannot skip one time meal so think about those who do not have food & water for their survival.

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There are so many hungry people in the world today. Recent estimates from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization put the number of chronically undernourished people in the world at approximately 821 million, 98% live in the developing world. That means that about one in nine of the over seven billion people on Earth suffer from hunger regularly.

About two out of three of the world's chronically-undernourished people live in Asia. Sub-Saharan Africa still remains the region with the worst hunger problems, where more than one in four people are undernourished.

The Central African Republic is the world’s hungriest country as of 2018.

African hunger

Hunger condition in India

India has been facing serious hunger crisis for a long time.  India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, has seen tremendous growth in the past two decades. Gross Domestic Product has increased 4.5 times and per capita consumption has increased 3 times. Similarly, food grain production has increased almost 2 times. However, despite phenomenal industrial and economic growth and while India produces sufficient food to feed its population, it is unable to provide access to food to a large number of people, especially women and children. Millions of Indians go to sleep without food. As per report, about 62,000 tons of food grains were wasted by the Food Corporation of India (FDI) between 2011-12 & 2016-17.

As per the Global Hunger Index report 2017 which was released by Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), India has 103rd rank (196 million people) among 119 countries. This is very sad for us because here we Indians are very religious. We believe in donation, we believe in traditions, we believe in cooperation, we believe in helping to poor, we believe to save food and water, etc. but the truth is very sad.

hunger people in india

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As per report, India fares worse than Iraq (78th), Bangladesh (88th) and North Korea (93rd). Half of the 119 countries have “Extremely Alarming”; “Alarming” and “Serious” hunger state. India was placed in a high end “Serious” category with a worse score of 31.4. Out of 119 countries, one country falls in “Extremely Alarming Zone”, seven falls in “Alarming”, forty-four in “Serious” range, twenty-four in “Moderate”, while only 43 countries have scored in the “Low” range. India’s performance was better than only two countries in Asia i.e. Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I am sure that it will be shocking for you also to see the condition of hunger in India.

Data says that in India, more than 20% of children have underweight in terms of their height under the age of 5. Moreover, 33% of children are too short as per their age. The Global Hunger Index further elucidated that the youngest growing democracy India has the second highest undernourished population in the world.

Causes of hunger in India

India is one of the richest country in terms of mineral wealth and other natural resources. Sadly, the governments, throughout the years, have misused and abused this wealth that belongs to Indians that’s why we Indians are poor.

As per my view, the biggest problem for this condition is Indian politics. Even after 70 years of Independence, over 30 crore Indians live in extreme poverty. Every party that ruled us over the 70 years has failed to bring prosperity to us. 

A few more causes of hunger in India are there-

Poverty: India and poverty are brotherhood. Those living in poverty often face hunger. Although India is a rich country but poor people are lived. It is estimated that 23.6% of Indian population or about 276 million people lived below Rs. 100.00 per day on purchasing power parity. Poverty alone does not lead to malnutrition, but it seriously affects the availability of adequate amounts of nutritious food for the most vulnerable populations. Over 90% of malnourished people live in developing countries.

Lack of access of Food: Most major food and nutrition crises do not occur because of a lack of food, but rather because people are too poor to obtain enough food. Non-availability of food in markets, difficult access to markets due to lack of transportation, and insufficient financial resources are all factors contributing to the food insecurity of the most vulnerable populations. People are increasingly dependent on international markets for all or part of their food supply, particularly between harvest periods. 

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Lack of safe drinking water: this is also one of the most dangerous issue. Although about 71% of the Earth's surface is water covered but there is lack of safe drinking water. People are forced by the condition to drink unhygienic water which are direct causes to many diseases and acute malnutrition.

Climate change: India’s many states are suffering with number of natural disasters — droughts, cyclones, floods, etc. The effects of climate change are often dramatic, devastating areas which are already vulnerable. Infrastructure is damaged or destroyed; diseases spread quickly; people can no longer grow crops or raise livestock. Unfortunately these fluctuations often affect the poorest regions. Climate change could dramatically increase the number of people suffering from hunger in the coming years.

Food Waste: We need to focus on this point because we INDIANS waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes. This is an alarming issue for us. Our street and garbage bins, landfills have sufficient proof to prove it. Weddings, canteens, hotels, social and family functions, households spew out so much food.

hunger People in South Africa

According to the United Nations Development Programme, up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted. About 21 million tons of wheat wasted in India and 50% of all food across the world meets the same fate and never reaches the needy. In fact, according to the agriculture ministry, approximately Rs. 50,000 Crores worth of food produced is wasted every year in the country.

That’s why I said that India is a rich country but poor people lived.

How to help hunger people

  • It is not only government’s duty but it’s a social responsibility also to provide healthy and nutritious food to needy people. Government can make some strict policy so that everyone can have food. Government can also make some rules and policy so that wastages of food and water can be stopped.

  • Donate money and food

  • Motivate people for Green revolution

  • Improving agriculture techniques

  • Promote sustainable farming practices

  • Empower people to create stock and manage their own food banks at the community level

  • Develop income-generating activities

  • Ensure access to microfinance

  • Teaching shared responsibility for health and nutrition

  • Managing natural resources and preparing for disasters

These are some points where we can try to save someone’s life. Food and water is a requirement for everyone. Food is a luxury to people who cannot afford it. It is advisable to not waste food and water. Be humanitarian and help those in need.

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