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How To Help Others - Essay

How To Help Others - Essay

When it comes to living a happy and satisfying life, you cannot live it without others. You might have everything in life but if you cannot make others happy, then you can never find happiness.

You might go to any monastery or any holy place to find peace but you would always find the same turmoil because you cannot escape from yourself. The more you escape, the more you get caught in the vicious circle of the “self” but you can find happiness if you can help others.

Finding happiness through helping others

It is a fact that when you give to others, you get more. The law of reciprocation works. That does not mean that you will give to others to get more.

An act that has motif is not a noble act. In fact, love has no motif, you just love your mother and you do not have a reason for that. When you act selflessly, you are in a more spiritual dimension that can bring more joy and happiness.

Hence, you should always try to help people with everything they need. The world is a place where people go to bed without food. Now, no animal or bird goes to bed without food.

They somehow manage to get food unless the animal or bird is sick but how come healthy humans cannot find food. There must be something horribly wrong in the way we run the world.

There are communists trying to solve the poverty issues, there are conservatives trying to do the same ad corporate houses are trying to do the same too. But the thing is that they still have the ides and ideas simply do not work.

The important factor is that you have to make the difference and that should start from one single step. You can feed a hungry man, you can sponsor a kid’s education, you can spend a little amount in someone's treatment, there are various ways to help others and you do not need to spend a huge amount on it.

You can spend a little amount of your money to give someone happiness and that is something you can do on your own, there are various ways to help people. Let’s have a look at the things that would guide you to help someone.

How to help others;

  • You need to find out the people who truly need help. For example, you need to find out a kid who needs help or a poor man who needs clothes.
  • You can rely upon the NGO that specifically works for these people. They can help you by donating the money
  • You need to make sure that the money that girls to the people reach the right people. All you have to do is to connect with authentic people who want to help

By helping others, you will find that way to salvation, undoubtedly, the salvation that you are looking for is not going to have in some other world. It will happen here because it is the only world that we have.

Whatever you do here will make sense, hence, make sure that you find everything here in this world and right now. The future is something that is not real because that exists only in your mind.

So, help others today and find real happiness by giving someone happiness. There is no joy better than this.

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