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What Is The Best Height For A Wedge Sleeping Pillow

What Is The Best Height For A Wedge Sleeping Pillow

Wedge pillows are one of the most popular types of pillows on the market. They’re versatile, comfortable, and can be used in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in purchasing a wedge sleeping pillow, you may be wondering what the best height is for it. In this blog post, we will explore the different heights of wedge sleeping pillows and help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right size and get started using your new pillow!

What Is A Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow is a form of pillow that has an indented middle, which is designed to create a more comfortable sleeping posture. Wedge pillows are also often larger in size than other types of pillows, which make them more accommodating for people who have trouble sleeping on their sides or who want extra support during sleep.

The Best Height for a Wedge Sleeping Pillow

The height of a wedge pillow is important because it determines how high your head will sit in the pillow. There are a few different heights that are available on the market, but the most common height is 19 inches. If you're looking for a comfortable sleep, then the height of your wedge pillow should be at least 18 inches.

How To Choose The Right Height For Your Wedge Pillow

When it comes to choosing the right height for your wedge sleeping pillow, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The height of your bed wedge pillow will depend on the dimensions of your bed and the shape of your head. Here is a guide to help you choose the right height:

If you have a standard bed with a headboard that is at least 18 inches high, then you should choose a pillow that is at least 20 inches high. As your headboard is lower than 18 inches, then go for a higher pillow, such as 24 or 26 inches.

If you have a sleeker headboard that is not as high, then go for a lower pillow such as 22 or 24 inches. If you want something in-between, go for a 21 inch height pillow.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right height for your wedge pillows are whether or not you are using the pillow with an insert. If so, make sure the insert is level with or slightly below your neckline so it doesn’t hit any sensitive spots on your neck.

The Best Material for a Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows come in a range of heights to provide the perfect support for your head and neck. When choosing the right height, consider your sleeping habits and how much space you have available on your bed.

How to Measure Your Head for a Wedge Pillow

When buying a wedge pillow, it is important to measure your head to find the best height for you. Wedge pillows are design to conform to your head and neck, providing support and a comfortable sleep experience. To find the right height, place a pillow at the nape of your neck and lower back. The point where the pillow touches your spine should be at the middle of your shoulder blades. If the pillow is too low or high, adjust it accordingly.

Benefits Of Using A Wedge Sleeping Pillow

Using a wedge pillow can provide many benefits for both your neck and back. The pillow is design to help you sleep in a more comfortable position, which can improve your neck and back health. Here are four specific benefits of using a wedge sleeping pillow:

1. Improved Neck and Spine Health

When you sleep in a correct position, your neck and spine will be in better alignment. This can reduce the risk of developing health issues such as cervical spine problems or chronic pain down the arm or shoulder area. By using a wedge pillow, you can help ensure that your neck and spine are in the correct position all night long.

2. Increased Circulation

Wedge pillows are also known for their ability to increase circulation. When you sleep on your side, your body twists and turns around the central axis of your spine. This causes pressure on different parts of your body, including your head and spinal cord. The wedge pillows can relieve some of this pressure by creating an incline towards the middle of the pillows. This will help to improve blood flow throughout your body while you are sleeping.

3. Better Overall Sleep Quality

Many people find that they get better overall sleep when they use a wedge pillow instead of other types of pillows like bolsters or regular pillows with cases. Wedge pillows contour to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, so they form a custom support system for each individual sleeper. This means that you will get a better night’s sleep every time you use one.

4. Easier Removal from Bed

One of the biggest benefits of using a wedge pillow is that it is easier to remove from your bed in the morning. By tilting the pillow towards the middle. You create an incline that makes it easier to roll off of the bed. This means that you won’t have to struggle to get out of bed in the morning, and you can get started with your day quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons of Height for a Wedge Pillow

When it comes to choosing the right height for the wedge pillows. The key is finding one that works best for your body. There are pros and cons to each height, so it's important to find one that fits your needs.

The absolute lowest height for a wedge pillow for pregnancy is about an inch off the ground. This is good if you have trouble sleeping on your side because it puts pressure on your lower back instead of your head and neck. However, this height may not be comfortable for everyone because it's low and can be tough to get comfortable.

If you're looking for a higher wedge pillow, try around two and a half inches off the ground. This gives you more support but also makes it easier to move around since you can sit up or turn over without having to adjust the pillow.

If you're tall, try a three-inch-high wedge pillow. This will provide more support than standard wedges and help keep your neck in a neutral position while you sleep. Plus, being taller means you'll likely use less of the pillow overall since its height won't be an issue.

On the other hand, if you're shorter or have a short neck, go with a lower height wedge pillow like two inches off the ground. It will still provide support but won't put as much pressure on your neck or spine.


Whether you're looking for the perfect height for a wedge pillow to help you get a good night's sleep. Or simply want to find something that will add comfort and style to your bedding ensemble. There are many different options available. While some people prefer pillows that are placed low on the bed. Others feel more comfortable with a higher wedge pillow. The best way to find the right height is by experimenting with different brands and styles until you find one that feels just right for you.

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