Get DO Help

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Bonus Credits Points : After successfully registration you will get bonus credit point to your account.
  2. Main benefit is if you want to do some social work from any where in world (Home or office or any other places) then just join us as VOLUNTEER and register other needy people under your account. We will give credit points for each verified needy people.
  3. You can start to earn credit points for your activities like below
    1. Invite your friend from MY ACCOUNT section and get credit points when your friends regiter successfully.
    2. Write blog or news and you will get credit points according to quality and uniquness of contents. Note one thing that this portal (Get Do Help) is specially related to Help any needy people worldwide so write contents on help topic to get good and additional bonus credit points.
    3. You can put your own advertisement code to your written blog like Google adword or any other site code to earn from your blog lifetime.
    4. Share Blog, News, Needy People Profile or details to your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and get credit points.
    5. You can donate products or things to help needy people.
    6. You can donate your earned credit points to any needy people at Get do help portal.
    7. You can use your earned credit points for your personal use like Mobile recharge, D2h Recharge, Withdraw to bank, Buy Products and many more features will come slowly.

NGO or Trust Registration Benefits

  1. NGO or Trust can register to our portal and get help according to his performance worldwide.
  2. After registration you can register your belonged persons under your account and whole world can see that what you are doing for how many people.
  3. All details or related document of your related people can store at one places online.
  4. All donations for NGO or Trust or needy people will go to related account through this portal.

Yes, its completely depend on you. You have to only submit your original document from your MY ACCOUNT section to verify that you are not creating any fake profile. You can hide your online identity from your MY ACCOUNT section by click on check box (HIDE FROM PORTAL) and no one can search or see your profile online or at our portal. More details are as below.

Show or Hide Online Presence: Register at our portal with original name and related documents with us and after registration you can hide your details.

  1.  Needy but don’t want to show name: You are needy and need help but don’t want to show you name due to some reason then you can use any other name, places etc and we will show at our portal accordingly (With note that name, place is changed on user request but user is verified by Get Do Help team.).
  2.  Donors: Generally we shows donor name at top donor lists but if you want to hide your name from those lists then you can choose from your “My Account Section” after registration.
  3.  Other Topics: Show or hide your online presence with any other places also like at blog section, news section etc.. You can manage from you’re my account section.
  1. Register or Login first.
  2. After Login in Top Navigation bar click on My Account. You will see a dropdown.
  3. Choose Get Help option.
  4. In Get Help you will see two option.
    1. Request for Help List - If you have requested for any help before then you can see details there.
    2. Post to Get Help - From this option you can submit your requirement details. Note one thing that you can request for any types of help does not matter its related to money or any other topics like negative thought, suicidal thought etc. Our team and volunteers try always his best to make you happier by his help.
  5. After Get Do Help Team approval you can see your requirement details live to get help from worldwide.
  6. Any donation or product doanted for you will go directly to related needy people.
  7. We also help needy people from our earning. So you will get help for sure by any ways at Get Do Help.
  8. If you have still any question then please feel free to contact us.