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Somewhere in Karnataka Peoples are Looking for Help

Somewhere in Karnataka Peoples are Looking for Help

Recieved email with details from karnataka that many people are stuck due to COVID and they are looking for help urgently. Details are as below. So if you are nearby or eligible for help then please help them for humanity. Sharing all details he sent me on our email.

Recieved email from


[16/06, 7:19 pm] Social Worker:                       

Dear Sir/Madam

Respectfully Submitted


               Subject: Kovidindia Lockdown Social work social Service Second Wave Damage the Country'

In this case, people in shettihalli village in Tumkur district of karnataka state are poor day laborers, for an estimated 470Families who live very hard lives here working on someone else's farm broom making animals raising Lifting a Lunch Leaf at a marriage Hall Trash and E are those who believe do tha most important things. Some families have to register for assistance to live under government ailments. No identity Card Lack of basic need for food. Lack of basic necessities is difficult. Living here are felling helpless as the Kovidindia Lockdown has worsened such a dilemma. In desperate need of help because of the economic Conditions No help From Anywhere service assistance Basic Needs No Help Aid Do yourself a favor and come help yourself. Transparency of our team of compassionate help in your service. This is as follows our heartfelt request Before you can do anything and you want to become a human  beingTeam. ❤❤❤

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