Get DO Help

Our Mission

Get Do Help main mission is help needy and poor people according to his need. We are requesting people to join us as needy or volunteers or NGO or professional or organization and let us know if he is in need or he looking for any needy or poor people around him who is looking for help.

Support in Education

Education is generally base of all types of happiness, so we first of all try to help needy and poor people for education.

Generally we helps needy, poor peoples or students as below

School Fees: If anyone unable to afford school fees then we support them by paying his fees for study. Currently we are in touch with some local schools and trying to expand our area day by day.

School Books: If any needy or poor people unable to buy book for study in school or for competition then we support them.

Study Materials: We support also for study materials like pen, book, personal computers laptops etc. according to needy peoples or students requests.

We are trying to help as much as possible to needy and poor people but honestly we says that we donated or helps all people according to our capacity, so we need help also to explore our services to help more and more needy students or peoples. Support us by advertise with us or donate small amount of money to us.

Our Future Plans (Currently also Active for These)

Healthy Food on Regular Basis

Currently we are organizing distribution of healthy foods for 30 to 50 peoples near our office on 15 days but it’s not sufficient so we are trying to find some sponsors or companies who can advertise with us or help us by donate some money to explore our services.

Our mission is to use our office area (Basement) as food distribution center where anyone can take meal (hungry people or kids). As we see about 50+ people near our office area who are looking for help to take meal on regular basis. So we will request you also to share your hand by donate us either money or useful products to help all of them.

Importance of Water and Water Harvesting System

This world is going full day by day by layer of concrete and so we are seeing increments in flood and other disasters due to water. We can see that at some places people are dying due to flood because over of water and some places peoples are dying because no water. Water level of earth are going down or polluted day by day. So we should increase awareness of water harvesting and water saving on war level.

Our plan is to contact home to home who is not using water harvesting system to let him know importance of water harvesting system and try to convenience them to make system for water harvesting system at his home. We can make public awareness by give him offer that we are offering 10 or 20 thousands INR or 50% of total coast or if not in your budget then we can help by pay you all expenses, if you are creating new harvesting system at home or office.

This plan is talking a bit time because high budget but as we described before that we are searching for helping hands (Donors, big or small companies ) to start this types of projects ASAP.

Same like water harvesting system we plan to offer for tree and other things which will help earth to become a bit healthier than current situation to save future of our next generation.

We know very well that all dreams will not become true but we started at our end and we are sure that for good works we will get helps and many hands to make this world happier.

For any types of suggestions or questions feel free to contact us or WhatsApp or Call us at +91 8112275748.

Help us by Donate or Invest in Our Firm.

You can help us by donate some amount of money one time or on monthly basis. All donations or earning for Get Do Help Team will use for manage, increase our management team to explore our services more to help needy and poor people.

You can also donate things like clothes, books and other accessories which are not usable for you and can help another people. We will list all donated things at our site and any needy people can request us for that online or our team and volunteer will give that things to needy and poor people.

You can help by Advertise with us - At our website you can advertise your products on area or global basis for very affordable price. For example if you want to show your ads in USA country or in any city like newyork then your ads will visible in that areas only. If you want to show it on global basis then you can do it. See our advertisement packages here.

We are writing and managing very informative unique contents and news so our site traffics are increasing day by day. So you will get very good amount of viewer to make your brand and increase sales.

So book your ads with us and help needy and poor people indirectly.

Buy Credits (Invest and Earn with Us): If you have good amount of money but you don’t want to donate then you can buy credits with us because we are offering three types of buy credits options. For example if you buy credits of $100.00 then we will credit $100.00 in your account and you can use them in future by multiple ways.

Buy Credits for Personal Use: Buy credits for personal use. You can use your credits to recharge your mobile or D2H or your wallets or can request to withdraw also in your bank account. You can donate also your credits to any needy and poor people who is requesting for help at our portal. Buy Credits for Personal Use here.

Buy Credits for Advertisement: We gives additional benefits by add bonus credits according to number of credits. For example if you are buying advertisement credits worth $100 then we will give you credits of $150.00. You can use advertisement credits for any other person’s products or services advertisement at our website. So you can earn also by buy our advertisement credits. Buy Credits for Advertisement here.

Buy Credits for Money Return Offer: In money return offer we hold money for some time means after buy money return offer we will hold your money for one year (Yes we will give interest according to amount 1% or 2% or lower also, we will fix it at payment time). After our agreed year you can apply for your net amount. For long terms we can offer you best. By this ways your money is safe with us and you can help also needy and poor people worldwide. Buy Credits for Money Return Offer here.